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At Tres Lunas Viajes, we offer you the opportunity to explore these fascinating destinations in a unique and authentic way. From the vibrant streets of Marrakech, to the majestic landscapes of Kruger National Park in South Africa, and the dreamy beaches of Sumba in Indonesia, we invite you to discover the cultural diversity, natural beauty, and exciting adventures that these places have to offer.


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Day 1 Spain* - Nouakchott

Arrival at the airport to board the flight to Nouakchott, via Casablanca. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Lodging.

10-12 Personas

desde 2500 euros

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

What is included and what is not included

*Flights depart from Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga.

Day 2 The Great Dune of Azoieigua

Breakfast at the hotel. From Nouakchott we will head northeast on the desert road. Near Akjoujt we will turn east to explore the beautiful landscapes of Azoueigua and the great dune, one of the most impressive of the Mauritanian desert.

Lodging in bivouac with dinner prepared by the expedition cooks. Campsites with double tents equipped with mattress, box spring, table and chairs.

10-12 Personas

250km por carretera

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 3 Chinguetti

Continuation of the journey through the desert to Tifoujar Pass, Terjit and Mhaireth. Picnic lunch at Terjit oasis. Transfer to Chinguetti. Visit of the city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This ancient city, located in the heart of the Mauritanian desert, was founded in the year 6 of the hegira (12th century) as a passage for pilgrims to Mecca. It became the “Seventh Holy City” of Islam and a center for religious and Koranic scholars.

It still preserves several ancient libraries filled with valuable manuscripts from past eras. Recently, Spanish architects with the support of the AECID have carried out the restoration of these libraries.

Dinner and lodging in hostel or hotel in Chinguetti in double room with bathroom

10-12 Personas

120 km por pista

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 4 Caravan El Erg El Ouarane

Continuation of the visit to Chinguetti and departure by camel caravan to explore the desert of Ouarane, erg full of fine orange sand dunes (2 h).

Picnic lunch in an oasis. Lodging in bivouac in equipped double tents.

Dinner under the impressive starry sky of the Mauritanian desert where our guides after dinner will tell us around the fire tales and legends of the ancient Almoravids who inhabited this place in the Middle Ages.

10-12 Personas

2h caravana camellos

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 5 Ouadane

Transfer to Ouadane, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built on the Dharf plateau, it was also a passage to Mecca and a meeting point for caravans trading between Black Africa and the Maghreb.

The date palm was introduced there for the first time. Visit of the cave engravings and picnic lunch. Visit of the city of Ouadane.

Dinner and overnight in hotel or lodge in Ouadane in double room with bathroom.

10-12 Personas

100 km por pista

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 6 Sahara Eye

Early in the morning transfer to visit the Richat Structure, a spectacular geological phenomenon called “the Eye of the Sahara” and identified by some as Atlantis.

A strange, mysterious and fantastic place lost in the immensity of the Sahara desert. Return to Ouadane and transfer to the Tanouchert oasis, a magical place among the desert dunes. Dinner and overnight at Tanouchert Camp.

10-12 Personas

240km carretera/pista

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 7 Atar - Nouakchott

Transfer to Atar and visit the market. Departure to Nouakchott. Picnic lunch along the way. Dinner and hotel accommodation in Nouakchott.

10-12 Personas

450km por carretera

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 8 Nouakchott

Visit to the Nouakchott Museum (if open) and the market. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon visit to the port and beach of Nouakchott. Free time until transfer to the airport.

10-12 Personas

Visita al museo

Comidas incluidas

Bebidas incluidas

Day 9 Arrival in Spain*.

*Flight to Madrid / Barcelona / Malaga via Casablanca. Arrival in Madrid / Barcelona / Malaga and end of our services.

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Ariel Bustamante
    Ariel Bustamante


    One of the best things this year, a trip that came as a surprise, a journey you've been planning for a long time but fate kept postponing (they say things happen when they're meant to happen), and luckily, it happened to me, surrounded by beautiful people!! Thank you, Chiqui, Sergi, and above all, you, Caroline!! It took some convincing, but you did it, and it was, as you said, a trip with a lot of magic. And most importantly, thank you, Morocco, for your culture and especially your people.

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